When hair meets fashion

Expressing fashion from head-to-toe with Tresemmé

Having recently made its 20th consecutive season return to the NYFW runway as an official haircare sponsor, it’s safe to say that Tresemmé is at the forefront of the hair fashion industry. For over 70 years, Tresemmé has helped women achieve beautiful hairstyles for next-level confidence, working with some of the most sought-after hairstylists and fashion designers.

The Tresemmé brand is not limited to creating runway-ready looks, however, and also brings a professional, salon-style finish to the homes of day-to-day consumers. With this in mind, the brand has identified some of South Africa’s prominent beauty and fashion personalities, such as Fezokuhle Zulu, Kenny Jules Morifi-Winslow and Melody Molale, to articulate what the brand stands for in a way that’s authentic and accessible.

Melody Molale

“Hair is not just about beauty anymore when it comes to fashion,” says Morifi-Winslow. “The fashion industry has finally caught up to the culture of expression that is so deeply linked to identity. Hair is in a completely new space that speaks to women more widely and with greater range.”

Molale adds: “Hair and fashion go hand-in-hand and it’s a perfect marriage. Just like fashion, a hairstyle is a way of making a statement without saying anything. It’s a form of expression. Our hairstyles personify our invisible crowns, which are important to us as queens striving to constantly put our best foot forward.”

The fashion industry is no longer just about finding a statement piece of clothing, but also allowing consumers to make a fashion statement through their hair. Because of this, Tresemmé continues to empower modern women to go above and beyond.

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Melody Molale Photography: Gallo Images/The Times/Mariska Van Den Brink