What to wear this winter

Go and see what Menlyn Park Shopping Centre has in store for the season

The challenges of everyday adulting are time consuming and trying to balance work, family, friends and exercise isn’t as easy as it seems – even when we’re on autopilot. So, let’s not make looking good and keeping up with what’s hot in the fashion world become a chore. It certainly isn’t at Menlyn Park Shopping Centre.

With over 300 local and international stores and more than 75 of these dedicated to men’s fashion all under one roof, Menlyn Park Shopping Centre is dedicated to ensuring that when you step into the home of Project Runway South Africa you’ll find what you’re looking for, no matter the season.

At Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, you can find the latest trends to match your everyday look and personality. Couple that with the confidence needed before you get dressed, add our expert sales team and you’re guaranteed to find unique seasonal looks.

For autumn and winter, mastering the art of layering is key. The goal is to expertly mix and match different items for a sleek, stylish and sophisticated overall effect. For a playful approach, throw in a mix of accessories, unusual prints, as well as textures such as fringes and ruffles.

Gentlemen, if you’d like to brighten up your wardrobe a little bit this season, try pair softer colours such as lilac with charcoal greys, creams and black. And if you’re feeling particularly bold, red always does the trick as a powerful statement colour.

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