Vuyisa Madikiza

Meet the Designer

Vuyisa Madikiza - Meet The Designer | Project Runway South Africa

Vuyisa Madikiza

Q & A

Why did you decide to enter Project Runway South Africa?

For self-validation. As a creative, you’re constantly under positive and negative criticism. I took it as an opportunity to strengthen my inner voice, the one that encourages me to continue serving my passion.

What was the first thing you ever made?

I can’t remember, but I’ve always been a person who makes things. I was a really crafty kid, so my love for fashion also stemmed from repurposing old clothes. I owned my first sewing machine in Grade 10.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?
It’s created new spaces for fashion to exist.  We have online stores that only exist on Instagram, for example. These platforms have closed the gap between the product and the consumer, even if it’s just used as a marketing tool. Fashion has become more easily accessible and now young, independent designers have the opportunity to reach consumers in a cost-effective way.

Tell us about the one designer you look up to and why?
Laduma Ngxokolo. How he tells his story through his creations is incredible. His intention is honest. His aesthetic is deliberate. I don’t know if it’s because I’m Xhosa, but when I look at his work, I can relate to it. It looks like home, then he sprinkles it with exclusivity and luxury. It’s magic.

How do you want people to feel when wearing your clothes?
I tend to design pieces that have shocking elements. It’s hard not to be noticed in my pieces and I always feel my garments require conviction. She isn’t afraid to stand out and stand up for it. I don’t want my items to create false confidence. I want them to enrich an already confident woman.

Catch Vuyisa Madikiza in action when Project Runway South Africa airs in July 2018 on Mzansi Magic, channel 161 on DStv.