The epitome of hospitality

Find nothing but uncompromised luxury in the Lexus RX 350L 

From the perfectly chiselled exterior to the elegant interior, the RX enhances the exceptional Japanese philosophies of takumi and omotenashi pioneered by the previous Lexus generations. The alluring looks hint at the extraordinary performance and agile handling you unleash when taking the wheel.

Led by the Lexus masters of craftsmanship, the new Lexus RX has undergone specification enhancements with a more spacious seven-seater RX 350L model added to the range.

From top to bottom, the RX entices drivers and passengers alike. Alluding to the power beneath the hood is a bold exterior of dynamic lines that frame the grille before extending into strongly flared fenders. The sophisticated strength brought out by the curves makes one want to discover what it feels like in action.

With every refined element, discovering the interior of the RX is an exploration of Japanese craftsmanship. Inspired by the welcoming spirit of omotenashi, every inch is tailored to make any journey one of pure comfort. A close inspection of the cabin design reveals excellent finishes that accent each finely appointed corner. The craft and innovation in each detail presents an exquisite experience.

Lexus master craftsmen embody an unrivalled commitment to handcrafted perfection and seamless technology. The overall length of the RX 350L model has been increased to accommodate a seven-seat capacity. The leather seats have a heating function for the driver and front passenger, with individual controls so that each can find their ideal comfort levels. This adds to the sense of bespoke luxury and is especially welcome in extreme weather conditions. Seat heating extends to the first row of rear passengers in the new RX 350L and all rows are air-conditioned.

The RX 350L is fitted with multiple electric seat adjustments and drivers can use the memory function to save their ideal driving position. Front and second row rear seats are electrically adjustable using switches located on the side of the seat base, providing the perfect seating position. The second row of seats in the new RX 350L allows passengers to walk in and lounge comfortably into the third row of rear seats, which neatly fold away electrically. The interior is a modern translation of the ancient Japanese philosophy of warm hospitality.

With the new RX 350L, you can have the luxury and extra seating in your SUV without compromising the sleek styling and easy manoeuvrability that is associated with a Lexus.

Only once you transcend what you know about luxury, do you truly Experience Amazing.

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