Handcrafted perfection

The LS 500 is the definition of beauty in every detail

For five generations the Lexus LS has defined aspirational – the car that transcends luxury, a masterpiece of meticulous craftsmanship, engineering, comfort and exclusivity crafted to surpass all expectation.

Every flawless surface begins and ends with the human touch. Lexus master craftsmen, the takumi, embody an unrivalled commitment to handcrafted perfection and seamless technology.

A grille inspired by traditional Japanese etching with more than 5 000 individual surfaces, all arranged by hand, each precisely calibrated to catch and reflect light. The design process behind the grille of the LS would be considered extravagant if the result were anything less than visionary.


Inspired by the warm glow of the traditional Japanese harp, andon lanterns and the welcoming spirit of omotenashi, soft illumination warmly invites you into the cabin, every inch tailored to make any journey one of pure comfort. The interior exudes space and airiness, the lower section cradles you, every element designed to envelop your body in reassuring comfort. The power adjustable seats gently cocoon you and innovation can be felt in the leather that delivers an unimagined combination of luxurious softness and suppleness.

The meticulously crafted steering wheel provides a reassuring grip and ensures that you never have to remove your hands from their creation. All driving-related functions are embedded in it, necessitating only the slightest of hand movements for precise control.

New technologies provide leading safety performance and a new level of driver assistance that was previously unimagined. The LS offers a comprehensive suite of exclusive, semi-automated driving technologies honed on one of the most complex highway systems in the world, the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway.

With unrivalled commitment to handcrafted perfection, there’s beauty to be found in every detail. From any angle, this car could be nothing else but a Lexus.

Only once you transcend what you know about luxury, do you truly Experience Amazing.

Brought to you by Lexus