A sensational win for 4th Street

Go forth and connect with South Africa’s fastest growing wine brand

Project Runway South Africa’s headline sponsor, 4th Street, has been named the fastest growing wine brand globally for the second year in a row by the International Wine and Spirit Research (IWSR) Top 100 Wine Brands for 2017.

“This is a sensational win for the brand as it shows significant growth, moving from 28th place in 2016 to number 19 this year, placing us in the top 20 internationally,” says brand strategy manager Dè-Mari Shaw.

With more than 40 years of experience, the IWSR understands the industry and monitors 157 markets to produce the most trusted beverage analysis, analysing over 4 600 still wines and over 5 000 brand lines annually.

When 4th Street launched its sweet rosé in 2009 amid a growing market of rosé drinkers, the wine scene was considered sophisticated, complicated and for older consumers. They introduced a more modern lifestyle brand, perfect for wine lovers who aspire to the sophistication of wine without its daunting complexity. This was a clear disruptor of the market at the time. With the successful launch of its rosé, the brand then expanded to include red and white varietals, which has taken the brand from strength to strength.

The brand is currently booming, with 100% distribution in its home market, South Africa, and almost 90% distribution around the continent. It’s the “wine to seen with” and adds an extra touch of “sociability and good times to any occasion,” said Shaw, offering consumers “an unintimidating sophistication with a vibrant, easy-drinking range of wines that are relevant to a new generation who want to enjoy wine their way.”

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